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cane rosso

Consumed: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

This week's blog is short and sweet. I actually took it easy on the eating out and cooked at home. That doesn't mean I didn't eat well. I roasted a trussed chicken wrapped in housemade bacon from Olivier's Butchery in Dogpatch and served it with roasted potatoes. 

The Year In Review: Food Trends of 2009

Oh 2009, we hardly knew ye. But now with (gulp) exactly two weeks left in this year and this decade, it's time to look at the food trends of 2009.

The Rise Of Porchetta

Who knows exactly why things suddenly become popular. You could blame it on the media (although, as of now, there's a one less media outlet to blame), or you could blame it on the power of suggestion—a chef sees something on a menu someplace, it lodges in his or her consciousness, and before you know it they've put it on the menu at their restaurant without even realizing. Think of it like seeds scattered in the wind, trends moving from coast to coast.

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