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5 Apps that Make Owning a Car in San Francisco So Much Easier

As most San Francisco drivers know, owning a car in the city can be a real pain. From filling your tank to fighting your parking tickets, these local apps are here to offer a solution to the constant frustration. 

Did You See the Driverless Future Mercedes in SF?

On Thursday morning, a veritable car from the future was spotted zipping around San Francisco. The sleek auto prompted a flurry of Tweets, Instagrams, and Reddit chat, with everyone asking what's up. Turns out Mercedes-Benz was behind the brouhaha. It was all part of the luxury brand's F015 self-driving car concept.

Scenes of the City: 23rd Annual Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic

Saturday's sunny afternoon was ideal for hanging out in Golden Gate Park at the 23rd Annual Jimmy's Old Car Picnic. The wide array of vintage cars and BBQ proved to be a great alternative to the crowds at TI Music Fest. 

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