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Andy Cohen and Rashida Jones Coming to the Castro Theatre

Bravo’s Andy Cohen does a lot more than just produce the entertaining yet family-eroding Housewives franchise. (Beverly Hills, for what it's worth, arguably remains the best in the series.) He's also a talk show host and a best-selling scribe. And he's coming to SF to talk all about it on November 19.

Help Choose the Best of San Francisco's Nightlife: The Niteys 2014

7x7 is once again proud to sponsor The Niteys, a community event celebrating excellence in production, content and customer experience in San Francisco's booming, multi-million dollar nightlife industry. With 7x7 producing two annual Nightlife Guides for our readers, it's only natural that we turn to you to help choose some of this year's winners!

The 2013 Nitey Awards Unveiled at the Castro Theatre

A warm and raucous celebration at the Castro Theatre recognized creative excellence and patron experience in San Francisco's vibrant and vital nightlife industry.

The city's tight-knit, supportive community of nightlife and entertainment professionals mingled with their passionate audiences for the inaugural event. Winners in several categories were chosen by a juried panel of their peers, while 7x7 proudly sponsored public online voting to determine fan favorites in more fields.

'Rocky Horror' Rings in New Year with Midnight Show at the Clay Theatre

Rather than wandering from one overcrowded bar to the next this New Year's Eve, risking obnoxious run-ins with lightweight boozers and wasting your cash on inflated cover charges, head to the Clay Theatre this Saturday for a special midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to ring in 2012.

Triple Threat: A Night Out The Castro

If you want to have a successful night out in this town, you need a plan—and it better be a good one. Since it's not always easy to strike that perfect balance between pre-dinner drink, food and a show, we bring you the Triple Threat series — a block-by-block guide to nights out that only require one parking space. First up, The Castro.

Let's Go Crazy: Peaches Christ's "Purple Rain" Party at the Castro Theatre with Apollonia. Win Tickets!

When I first saw Prince's magnum opus Purple Rain, I immediately spun my hair into tight, cascading curls, wore only ruffled lace and paisley suits, and rode around on custom-made purple motorcycle. (In my dreams, of course!) Nearly 30 years after it hit theaters, still not a soul can touch the the Purple One's autobiographical film and the killer soundtrack that goes along with it. Thankfully, Peaches Christ is keeping the love alive with her Purple Rain extravaganza this Friday, July 1st at the Castro Theatre.

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute @ Castro Theatre

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most respected people ever to grace Hollywood, an inimitable woman of ferocity and sophistication who stayed true to herself and her friends (ahem, Michael Jackson) until the end of her life. The Castro Theatre has put together quite the tribute to this Hollywood lioness, displaying her grandeur in 11 films spread across 6 days–from May 27 to June 1–that isn't just a celebration of the actress' body of work.

After 33 Years, Castro Theatre Organist Still Playing Movie Intermissions

When you've got Netflix streaming or Apple TV, it's easy to forget that going to a movie used to be an actual event. But at the Castro Theatre, the lost art of live cinema music is still going strong thanks to organist David Hegarty, who's been playing intermissions there for the past 33 years. And he'll continue to do so tonight at a free screening of '60s classic Elmer Gantry as part of Turner Classic Movies Road to Hollywood Road Tour (which culminates later this month at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood).



The 54th San Francisco International Film Festival begins with "Beginners"

It's that time of the year again when filmmakers, film connoisseurs, and everyday movie lovers come together to celebrate the artistry of the motion picture industry. The longest-running film festival in the Americas is in its 54th year, and is opening with a world-class cinematic event, special guests, and a convivial celebration with live entertainment, dancing, food and drinks. Head to the opening night at The Castro Theatre on April 21 to catch "Beginners," starring Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge) and Christopher Plummer (think Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music).

Win Tickets to Castro Theater's Wizard Of Oz Sing Along!

Ladies and gents, it's almost that time of the month again! Fill your lungs with air and let your hearts burst with song for five days of the Castro Theatre's sing along version of The Wizard Of Oz, the single most-watched movie of all time. And if you've got luck on your side, we can help get you through the door.

We've got 5 pairs of tickets to giveaway to all you Dorothy enthusiasts out there for the slew of screenings spanning March 25-31. Just email us at by next Wednesday and we'll randomly choose winners!

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