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Chaiken and Capone

Do Call It a Comeback: Chaiken and Capone

The test of true fashion talent is time. San Francisco-based Julie Chaiken never felt the need to broadcast her eponymous Chaiken line in big, bold lights. Instead, she's had steady double decade success. Known for the perfect fit pant, Chaiken left fashion's sonar for a little while there. But the fashion world always loves a comeback.

The Return of the Pant?

Last weekend’s No Pants Subway Ride convinced many a San Franciscan to drop trou and hit the streets (for evidence, just check out the cheeky results over at Muni Diaries). Commuting sans pants may be getting hype these days, but there’s at least one major reason to embrace pants anew right now: the return of local label Chaiken and Capone, a much-loved San Francisco brand that will resurface this spring after several years off the fashion map.

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