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Vote Now for Your Favorite San Francisco Charity!

In October, we called upon our readers to nominate the Bay Area's most impactful charitable organizations. From thousands of nomations (way to go!), we've narrowed the running to the Top 49. The time has come to vote in our annual San Francisco's Favorite Charities Contest, presented by PG&E and 7x7.

12 Local Merchants Honored at 1st Annual Cause Local Effect Awards

dailyKarma, a mobile app launching soon to spread gratitude throughout the Bay Area, honored 12 local merchants at the first annual Cause Local Effect Awards at the Museum of Craft and Design last week. 

7 Favorite Charities: DISH, Providing Housing for SF's Homeless

A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your favorite local charities. Check out the seven you chose as your favorite in the city here, who will each be receiving a $700 gift from us.  We've also been profiling each of these on our website. Don't forget to vote for your favorite to be featured as a "Charity You Love" in our February issue!

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Air-kiss Alert: We interrupt this program for a breaking health bulletin -- all air-kiss greetings must cease-and-desist. STAT. As charming as this standard, soiree-set greeting is, in this Season of the Swine, we need to curtail this habit. How about this? Until the time of Hyacinths yet blooms again, why not supplant this social staple with a firm, yet fond, pat on the back? Or a thoughtful elbow squeeze? If the greet-ee is one the greet-er knows well, then throw in a double-joint squeeze. Until then? Mwah, mwah and pass the Purell.

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