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cheap eats

Dinner of Champions

My friends recently brought home a spread from La Palma Mexicatessen (2884 24th St., 415-647-1500), my favorite one-stop shop for taco fixings, from beans to salsa to chile verde to thick, hand-patted, still-warm tortillas that you watch them make right there. But it was little bag of homemade papitas fritas—potato chips that come with hot sauce to douse them with, that was devoured with the most relish. These chips (thick, crunchy, not too greasy) are four-star quality. Perfect with a martini—which was our aperitif.

In a Pickle

Best Use of the Deep Fryer in 2006: Weird Fish (2193 Mission St, 415-863-4744)

Health concerns aside, you can't argue with the goodness of just about anything that's deep fried. My nominee for favorite new deep-fried item of 2006 is (drumroll, please): the fried yo-yos at Weird Fish in the Mission. Basically, they're thick slices of fried dill pickles served with a chipotle dipping sauce. They're wonderfully briny, crunchy and a much more interesting side than ho-hum fried potatoes.

What's On My Desk

I’m sitting in front of my computer eating my lunch yet again—something I swore once I’d never do.

Stick It

Today’s blog is going to be nothing more than one huge push for Asqew Grill (, the local chain that has six locations in the city. Here’s why: Asqew is everything a food philistine could want. The business is local; the food is basic (skewers of grilled meat and fish, sides of starches and salads); the prices are reasonable; the brand is unglamorous but consistent in its delivery; and food snobs ignore it.

Holding Court

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