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Two Sense: Can I Have My Cake and Eat It, Too?

I'm in my mid-20s and recently hit it off with a 30-something guy at a bar. He's finalizing a divorce and has a couple of kids; I've been contemplating a break from my three-year boyfriend. He advised me to leave while I'm young, as he knew his marriage was a mistake from the beginning. We've been texting, hanging out, and we've kissed. He's enjoying the single life and acts like a guy in his 20s: last-minute plans, indecisiveness. But sometimes I think he wants more than friendship or booty because he'll act chivalrous, hold my hand, and say certain things. For my part, I don't have the heart/strength to break it off with my boyfriend right now, yet I'm flirting with this man because I've never really dated much. I've either been totally single or in a relationship.

Two Sense: Do I Forgive a Drunken Kiss?

My boyfriend of six years kissed a work colleague when drunk. In the month proceeding, he was in a dilemma as he knew it was time to commit to me, but he didn't feel ready. We've been together since 19 and he wanted some time alone. He told me straight away, and said he did it to sabotage us. He broke it off, and I moved out of our flat. He wanted me back within three days, and after three months he is still singing the same song. I love him, we are really good together, and I know he is sorry and has learned from his mistake. I doubt he will do it again. But I'm struggling to get the kiss out of my head. I really want to. Any advice?  

Two Sense: Yelling, Blaming, and Now Lying? Dump Him

I've been dating a guy for four months, and we’ve had so many ups and downs. He's had issues with substance abuse, and he has a hard time communicating his feelings.  He doesn't have patience when I say the wrong things, and he makes a huge deal out of it and yells at me when we try to resolve an issue. I've  gone to therapy to see what I can fix, and have learned not to let my negative thoughts get in the way of communicating. But lately he’s been dishonest on top of it all. He went to Hawaii alone, saying he had to clear his head. But I found out on Facebook he met up with his ex-girlfriend there. He blames me for his inability to be honest, saying he was afraid I’d get mad. I feel betrayed and disrespected, and I don't know if I can trust him.

Two Sense: My Boyfriend Goes Radio Silent During the Week

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and a half and although we have really intimate talks, I feel like I don't know him.  He's told me he loves me, confessed he's cheated on every girlfriend he's ever had, but says he feel differently about me. He's thoughtful, buys me gifts, and plans romantic weekends, but I often can't get a hold of him during the week. I’ll call and leave a message and then get a short text response an hour or two later. When we're together, I feel like everything is fine, but when we're apart, I'm not sure. I don't know how much of my suspicion that he may be seeing someone else is a projection and how much is common sense.

Is Kissing "Cheating"?

When I’m out at night with my girlfriends we occasionally meet guys and, though I’m in a committed relationship, I still find myself kissing one now and then. The strangest part is that because my relationship with my boyfriend is so solid, I feel like kissing these guys is OK and I'm not really cheating. Am I kidding myself?

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