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7 Non-Taco Mexican Dishes To Honor Cinco de Mayo

TK TK 7 Non-Taco Mexican Foods To Honor Cinco de Mayo TK TK

You'll find duck leg tacos on Michael Mina's new lounge menu, $1.75 carnitas tacos in the shade of Best Buy, and you can even get them delivered by bike. Tacos are everywhere in San Francisco, but why not honor the diversity of Mexican food options available around here, and dig into something different for Cinco de Mayo? Here, seven super-flavorful Mexican dishes to try over the next few days. None of them are tacos.

The Best Bowls of Soup in SF

It's a bit chilly and all we can think about is soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's some (that aren't pho or ramen) we're dreaming of. Are we missing any? Bring on the suggestions for your favorite soups!

Cheap Date: Chilango

Yes, this city is lousy with Mexican restaurants, but we don’t begrudge the opening of one more, particularly when it is located in the Castro, a neighborhood that sorely needs more good food. Chilango (the name is slang for someone who grew up in Mexico City) replaced Aztec Taqueria back in October, and was opened by former Mexico DF chef-partner Roberto Aguiar Cruz. Handmade organic tortillas, Niman Ranch meat and a menu that emphasizes street food found around the Distrito Federal are now the order of the day.

First Bite: Chilango Does Churros

I'm not even a huge churro fan. I like fried dough, sure, but given a choice of desserts it wouldn't top my list. But the churros at Chilango, which opened earlier this fall on the site of the forgettable Aztec Taqueria at Church and Market, are so good that they make the other very good food that you might order before dessert almost pale in comparison. With their crisp exterior, just-cooked almost custardy interior and generous dusting of granulated sugar and Mexican cinnamon, these set the gold standard.

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