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Local Author Michelle Tea on Open Mic Scenes, Fantasy Books, and Her New Anthology Sister Spit

Author, editor, and female activist Michelle Tea may be well on her way to becoming a household name. Known for her sheer honesty and relate-ability about growing up in impoverished Chelsea, Massachusetts and dealing with her sexuality at a young age, Tea is the author of four memoirs, including the bestselling Valencia, and an upcoming young adult fantasy book entitled A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek. In addition to her writing, Tea is the founder and executive director of literary nonprofit RADAR Productions. And as if that all doesn't keep her busy enough, Tea is also the co-founder of the lesbian-feminist spoken word organization Sister Spit.

Homero Aridjis with Ferlinghetti at City Lights

Prolific Mexican columnist, novelist, poet, and former UNESCO ambassador, Homero Aridjis has just released a new collection of poetry, Solar Poems. To celebrate, Aridjis will make an appearance at City Lights Bookstore in North Beach tonight (April 6) at 7pm. But it's not just Aridjis that makes the trip worthwhile. Aridjis also produced a billingual edition of his book, WHAT IS POETRY?/¿QUÉ ES LA POESÍA?, and City Lights founder and legendary poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti will be there to read selected poems from the book.

Inspecting ‘Gadget’: Jaron Lanier Holds Forth At City Lights

“Visionary” is bandied about too often for anyone’s comfort level -- yet Jaron Lanier very well might fall under that header as one of the first Silicon Valley thinkers to use the term “virtual reality,” a field he was instrumental in developing as the founder of VPL Research. A composer, visual artist and writer, as well as a computer scientist, Lanier helmed the team that worked on the first multi-person virtual realms and avatars in the ‘80s -- World of Warcraft fiends and James Cameron can raise their glasses to him right about now -- and later predicted the changes that the Web would bring to the flesh-and-bone, brick-and-mortar world.

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