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Cobb’s Comedy Club

John Oliver Smuggles Sage Advice into Cobb's Comedy Club

As a head writer and correspondent for The Daily Show, Jo

SNL's Jay Pharoah Sketches Himself in 2D at Cobb's

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, Jay Pharoah sure loves to kiss some arse. Thursday night at Cobb’s Comedy Club, the SNL prodigy spent the first 40 minutes of his set mimicking the patriarchs of hip-hop and Hollywood, as if he were rehearsing for a hosting gig at the BET Awards. The kid is clearly skilled, if a tad one-dimensional.

The 23-year-old Virginia native tills the same comedic soil as MadTV’s Aries Spears, who brought a very similar routine to Cobb’s earlier this year. Both are virtuoso impersonators, holding up mirrors to high-profile rappers and other idiosyncratic personalities of urban culture.

Cult-Heroic Jim Breuer Hits the Mic at Cobb's This Weekend

Few SNL veterans have had to deal with the pigeonholing and character-branding Jim Breuer has had to eschew for the last decade. To most, he’s either the perma-bed-headed stoner from Half Baked or the bizarrely polymorphic Goat Boy from SNL, or both. Each was an iconic character, and at least partly responsible for the cult following the comic has enjoyed over the years. But those creations were also from a lifetime ago. “I’m a different person now,” Breuer said in a recent interview.

So how does one shake a reputation of such scale? Simple: old-school metal rock. Of the arena-filling, lazer-lit, "You Shook Me All Night Long" variety. I’m serious.

'Weed's' Pot Head Kevin Nealon Does Dishes, Diapers and Stand-Up

20 years after first appearing on Saturday Night Live --most memorably as  pumped-up muscle-head Franz (of Hans and Franz), Kevin Nealon is now getting in touch with his inner girly-man -- or should we see granny-man? He’s changing diapers and pushing a stroller at the ripe old age of 54.

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