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cobb's comedy club

John Oliver, The Daily Show's Chief Ex-Pat, Comes to Cobbs

It’s official. John Oliver is The Daily Show’s  most funny correspondent. I was medium-warm about John Oliver – he being a replacement for bygone correspondents (I can’t quit you Ed Helms and Rob Corddry)  – but the jumpy Brit is growing on me. And, after a string of lame-o newcomers, Oliver is officially the best regular.

Which means it behooves you to see him live at Cobb’s Comedy Club, May 28-30, before he leaves Jon for greener pastures, movie deals, swimming pools, movie stars...

Paula Poundstone: Still Funny After All Those Beers

Comedien Paula Poundstone says her act has always been autobiographical. “When I was 19, I talked about busing tables and taking public transportation,” she has said. “Now I'm 42 and I'm a single mom and a felon and I talk about that.”

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