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coco chanel

Audrey Tautou Sheds Her Shiny, Happy Image in 'Coco Before Chanel'

Gabrielle Chanel was, by the evidence presented in director Anne Fontaine’s Coco Before Chanel, a difficult, even unpleasant woman. Rarely does she smile, and even more infrequently might her sentiments be mistaken for tender. She views the men in her early life as means to an end, but why shouldn’t she? They often regard her, in turn, with cold indifference and undisguised condescension.

Link Love: Milk Made, Mother Hen and Coco's Look

Juicy fashion bits to start your weekend …

Sustainable style is moving further into the future according to the Wall Street Journal's latest article on Norwegian designers' use of milk proteins to make clothing.

Which came first—the chicken or the egg? Have a look at Malvin's maternity fashion faux pas from last night's Project Runway. The Cut brings us a slideshow of all the designers' looks.

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