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Women on the Way Festival

Luring entertainment-seekers into the rabbit hole of fringe theater for over a decade, the Women on the Way festival is back again with innovative theater, multimedia dance, comedy, music, and yes, boobs. 

Pianofight’s A Merry Forking Christmas

If the holiday season sends you straight to the bourbon, feel free to soothe yourself with the knowledge that at least you don’t work at the mall. Unless you do work at the mall. In which case, perhaps you can soothe yourself with the knowledge that you don’t have to work on Christmas eve. If you do work at the mall and those bastards scheduled you for Christmas eve - well, my friend, this show was practically written for you. Especially if you know which Santa has the best pot.

Booze, Boys, and Brownies: A Musical Journey

Somehow women became hopelessly entrenched in the idea that success requires us to make ourselves miserable - whether because current denim sizing declares wordlessly yet emphatically that brownies are a bad idea or because we think mentally pummeling ourselves will keep us on the right track. (Why?) (Dear god, why?)


Beatboxing Comedian Joshua Walters in JawVox

An alien tours the planet and heads home from vacation with important lessons about humanity, including the comedic possibilities of beatboxing and how to wear a fanny pack.

Sandra Bernhard and Guy Branum of 'Chelsea Lately' Headline the Out Loud Comedy Festival

Given San Francisco’s international reputation for rainbow flags, it’s somewhat shocking to realize the Out Loud Comedy Festival is the first and only LGBT comedy festival in recorded history. That said, I didn’t fact check ALL of recorded history (it's entirely possible there was a wildly popular version on the heels of the Gold Rush, complete with grizzled miners in petticoats), so take this blanket statement with a small grain of pink Himalayan salt.

Team Coco Rejoices: Conan's Comedy Tour

It's been quite a year for Conan O'Brien. He got ousted from the venerable Tonight Show timeslot and traded barbs with network execs and Leno. On the upside, he quickly rebounded with free publicity and a strong following of Team Coco supporters. (We're sure the $32 million settlement with NBC didn't hurt.) How will loyal fans survive until his lanky frame returns to primetime on TBS this October? Along the route of Conan's live comedy tour, which stops at the Nob Hill Masonic Center for two performances Apr. 22-23. Featuring an opening act by comedy beat-boxer Reggie Watts and a collection of skits old and new, the nearly sold-out tour is proof that Conan will be around ... in the year 3000.

California Calling: A Punk Rock One-Man Show

Forget London. Northern California was where real punk rock emerged. Well, at least for Joe Sib, frontman of L.A.-based punk band Wax and co-owner of the indie label Side One Dummy Records (think Flogging Molly and Gogol Bordello). In his live, one-man show "California Calling" at the Punchline Apr. 6, Sib recalls—with reckless and enthusiastic nostalgia—growing up punk in NorCal. One part stand-up comedy, the other a look back at adolescent antics (house parties, Bad Religion concerts and skate parks), this show is a reminder that some stories get better with age.

Apr. 6 at Punchline, 444 Battery St., 415-397-7573,

Sexual Democracy: The Heather Gold Show

Sex always makes a good conversational staple - especially when you're in a room with a lesbian, a bisexual, a drag queen, and a straight man. The possibilities from squirming to shocking are pretty much endless. And will likely send the audience through a gamut of emotion - from adoring San Francisco sexually inclusive streets to really wishing they'd taken their visiting mother to Wicked instead. But the endless possibilities include the very good chance that host Heather Gold will pull the most risqué comment of the night from the visiting Minnesotan matron.

What to See at Sketchfest

It's been a great first week at SF Sketchfest, marred only by the cancellation of the Conan O'Brien tribute that was scheduled for Sunday. (O'Brien asked to cancel his appearance due to the Tonight Show brouhaha that will have him leaving NBC, but promised to reschedule for a later date; if you had tickets, hold on to 'em.) The second and third weeks of the festival (Thursday, January 21 through Tuesday, February 2) are going to feature some heavy hitters, the best of which we're previewing below. Tickets for a lot of the Sketchfest shows are going fast, and sold-out status forced us to leave out some great events.

David Cross Brings His Rage to the Warfield

David Cross is both beloved and despised. His career has had brilliant moments, like Arrested Development and Mr. Show, and not-so-brilliant ones, like Alvin and the Chipmunks and the bizarre blog tiff with Patton Oswalt spawned by Chipmunks. But one thing is certain: he is one hell of a stand-up comedian. He can make anything funny—from the absurdity of rollerblading in post-9/11 NYC and artistic censorship to "squagels" and Jewish identity—as long as critical, sardonic humor is your thing. But that's what comedians are really for, aren't they?

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