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contemporary dance

Alonzo King’s Lines Collaborates with The Cosmos

Known for visionary choreography, ground-breaking collaborations, and gorgeously articulated movement, Alonzo King’s Lines is always a must-see, whether you’re a ballet fan or just like awesome things. People who like awesome things, take note. 

punkkiCo at Garage Space

From mesmerizing stretches to rapidly shifting elevation changes, punkkiCo's dynamic brand of contemporary dance - built on founder Raisa Punkki's intricate choreography - hits Garage Space stage this week. 

End Trance is smoothly constructed of slow, almost suspenseful movements as two dancers flow over each other’s backs and slump cleanly to the floor like puppets with suddenly snipped strings. The economical movement feels almost powerless, holding nicely to that whole trance theme.

West Wave Dance Festival

Anchored by a few core companies, dance in San Francisco is still a constantly shifting landscape of performers breaking out as choreographers and long-term creators coming into their own - all of them in need of a place to set their dancers loose. One Monday a month, West Wave Dance Festival plucks notable and burgeoning dance-makers from the Bay Area to perform on Fort Mason’s stage - minus the burden of self-producing, something that makes even the strongest heart quaver. (You’ve seen rent in this town. Ouch.)


Crossing Boundaries with Margaret Jenkins Dance

Margaret Jenkins is no newbie to the contemporary dance scene. The Bay Area-based choreographer has been lending her innovative technique and talent to the stage for the past 35 years, always pushing the envelope beyond traditional performance. This time around, in a cross-cultural collaboration at YBCA, the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company partners with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company of Guangzhou, China for the world premiere of a dance trilogy titled Other Suns.

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