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Handful of Salt Launches a Quarterly Print Edition

Deirdre Hawthorne ceramics

Who says print is dead? Regina Connell isn’t listening. The Founder and Editor in Chief of online magazine Handful of Salt is thrilled to be able to bring the magazine into the print world. Covering “the intersection of craft and design,” Handful of Salt will be launching their inaugural quarterly print edition this month, with the drive to offer a unique aesthetic perspective on the modern artisanal movement through features offering behind-the-scene interviews and striking photography.

Eat It: Tasty Resolutions

Craft Bar
The holidays have a way leaving little to be desired of stiff skinny jeans, which you may have already traded in for jeggings that stretch for expanding wastelines. Before you bid your denim adieu to Goodwill, learn how to upcycle old jeans into necklaces while you get a taste of jams and spreads from Stephanie Bushnell of Sweets La Petite at Etsy Lab's Craft Bar, Thursday, January 6, 6-9 p.m. Food and workshops take place at Museum of Craft and Folk, at 51 Yerba Buena Lane. Free with $5 admission to the museum.

Gourmet Detox

The 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale

On December 18-19, over 200 of the nation’s finest indie-craft talents set up shop in the Concourse Pavilion to serve the Bay Area's holiday shopping needs with a free craft, art, design and DIY spectacular! Eager shoppers found all sorts of incredible handmade goods—everything from jewelry and clothing, ceramics and stationery, bath products and posters, housewares and comics, plush objects and more—plus eased the holiday stress with sips of ice-cold Magners Cider!

Photos: Riley Manlapaz


When Crafting Goes Wrong: It's Regretsy

In yesterday's post we ruminated on the joys of crafting, so it seems only fitting today to look at its more shameful side. Yes, as Henry van Dyke said "the great woods would be very quiet if no birds sang but those who sang best", but there are some birds that should perhaps be put out of their misery. Case in point, the handmade objects found at Regretsy. Spend enough time searching craft fairs or Etsy stores and you're bound to come across some truly beautiful work, or - every so often - a true abomination.

Sewing for Dudes and DIY Windowboxes at Workshop

The DiY movement continues to grow, and as it does more and more of us are becoming interested in taking up a craft or hobby that involves a little skill and some hand-eye coordination–other than Wii bowling, of course. But with hectic work schedules, commuting, or just sheer laziness (here!), sometimes it's hard to set your nose to the grindstone and actually make it happen. We want to learn some new skills while having a little fun too, you know? Enter Workshop, the new DiY classroom brought to you by the folks behind Indie Mart's monthly shopping events.

Design Trend: Decorative Tape

Take a look in any stationery store in Japan and you're bound to be blown away by the sheer number of options available, for everything from pens to erasers, pencil bags, and of course, paper. But we're always most excited about the tape, in colors and patterns that are worlds away from our typical clear and beige. Luckily, you no longer need a passport to find them, as decorative adhesives from Japan and beyond are now available right here at home. A few of our favorites, below:

Renegade Craft Fair Returns This Weekend

Yeehaw! It seems to be shaping into a peach of a weekend. True, it's only Tuesday, but we're not going to let a little detail like that get us down. The weather report calls for clear blue skies and mid-70s and up for the rest of the week, plus we've got all sorts of fun activities to look forward to. Sunday we'll be participating in AIDS Walk San Francisco taking place in Golden Gate Park. Will you be there? There's still time to sign up if you'd like to join in...

Get Your Craft On: Take an Art or Design Class This Summer

If there's one thing this recession has taught us, it's that it's always a good idea to keep learning and bettering yourself in order to remain relevant in this ever-changing job market. If we've learned two things, the second is that you've gotta get your fun while the gettin's good. So, if you've ever wanted to try a craft you've never done before, like sewing, screen printing, or letterpress, or if you want to brush up on some new skills to add to your resume, there's no time like the present. Here are our picks for summer school craft and design classes that are happening around the city - we promise they'll be way better than that SAT practice course you took in high school.

The ART Weekend: August 13th through the 15th

A Crafty Card for Father's Day

We noticed vintage award ribbons popping up here and there as the collectible du jour lately. We like it, but can't quite shake the feeling that it seems like a bit of a cheat. You can't just go to the nearest flea and pick up a dozen first place ribbons to display - you've got to earn those puppies! Well, we can think of few who deserve an award more than Dad, so creating this Blue Ribbon Badge Card seems like the perfect gift accompaniment for Father's Day.

Peapod Fabrics: Small Size, Great Selection

We profess that Britex is to die for, but that doesn't mean we want to go there all that often. Why? Well first of all it kind of sucks you into a vortex and spits you out a few hours later with a lot less money and no idea where the time went. Second of all it's downtown. If we're looking for a guaranteed pretty and well-curated selection of fabric that is priced moderately, we'll head to Peapod Fabrics. The tiny Inner Sunset store has beautiful cotton prints and European linen in a range of choices that won't take half of your day to comb through.

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