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Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1995 Pac Heights 1 Bedroom with Pet

Finding a pretty, pet-friendly apartment in this city is like discovering a four-leaf clover: If you're lucky enough to spot one, pluck it up immediately. Of course, you'll no doubt have to pay a little more for such a place, but what's a few extra dollars between you and man's best friend?

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1625 Cole Valley 1 Bedroom

Given their small size, the drastic contrast a San Francisco neighborhood can have from one side to the other can be staggering. For example, apartment deals in Cole Valley usually place you directly along the N-line, which kind of goes against the peaceful vibe you might expect from the area. This week's Craigslist deal doesn't do you like that though. Located on quiet, residential Downey Street, it's just slightly off the beaten path but feels so secluded by comparison. You get a residential setting that's only blocks away from the Haight and Carl and Cole; the N-Judah isn't rattling your windows but it is still close enough for downtown commuters - really, it's the best of both words.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1425 Marina Studio

If the rental market is any indication, we believe that San Francisco might be facing its greatest shortage of collar poppers since the late 1960s. How else can we explain the rise in affordable apartments currently available in the Marina? Did they all move to SoMa? All joking aside, the plethora of inexpensive rental options north of Union hasn't gone undetected by our trained Craigslist eyes. Perhaps the neighborhood isn't as fashionable as its heyday (we're guessing the 80s and early 90s treated it very well), but that shouldn't detract deal hunters from checking out potential apartment openings in the area.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1300 Studio on Telegraph Hill

Last week we were proud to show you a 'junior one bedroom' that actually included a room for a bed. This week... well, we're back to the closet, but this place definitely still has potential. We'd ditch the bed-in-closet set-up (it only fits a full-size, after all) and treat the space like a studio. Use the closet space for what it's intended and stick the bed in the main living area - with rent at only $1300 a month, it'll be worth it.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1550 Jr 1 Bedroom in Pac Heights/Cow Hollow

In the city, "junior one bedroom" apartment listings often mean that you'll be sleeping in a closet. This week's Craigslist deal isn't going to do you quite like that. With a bedroom measuring 9' x 9', you'll be able to fit a queen-size bed in there, and since the room actually has a closet inside of it no one can dog you for sleeping where your clothes should go (we'll disregard that said closet has mirrored doors and the bedroom only three walls - you've got to pick your battles).

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1800 Noe 1 Bedroom

We know it may seem a little out of sync to have a two bedroom apartment for $1895 as a deal last week and follow it up with a one bedroom for $1800 today, but stick with us: This week's Craigslist deal is worthy of the name. Why? Well, for one, location. Situated smack-dab in the middle of Noe Valley at Noe and Alvarado (between 22nd and 23rd Street), it's a great spot that's within easy walking distance of 24th Street and is right over the hill from the Castro.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1895 2 Bedroom in the 'Set

Some people love the frenetic energy that comes with living in a city; others need to escape from it once the work week ends. If you consider yourself the latter, this apartment in the Sunset might be just right for you. It's a two bedroom unit located in the quiet lull between 9th and 19th Avenues, within walking distance to some of our favorite eateries (The Taco Shop at Underdog's–aka Nick's–,Gordo, Marnee Thai, and more), only two blocks from the park, and less than a block from the N, for easy access to downtown.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1725 Upper Market 1 Bedroom

Upper Market might not have the same cache as other parts of the city, but with less name recognition comes better rental rates, and as it borders one of the most well-known and -loved neighborhoods of SF, it's worth some consideration. Take this one bedroom at 17th and Diamond, for instance. It's only a couple of blocks from Castro Theater, MUNI, and up-and-coming foodie spots, but thanks to its less conspicuous locale, the price is noticeably lower than similar units in the nearby neighborhood. It also has many of the charming Edwardian-era features we love, with built-ins, hardwood floors, and much more.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1695 Noe Valley 1 Bedroom

Step off 24th Street, away from the sidewalks congested with strollers and myriad coffee shops, and the tranquility of the surrounding neighborhood really hits you. This one bedroom located just four blocks from Noe Valley's main drag offers enough distance to enjoy the quiet parks and side streets of the area while still being within easy walking-distance of all the conveniences 24th Street has to offer (the new Whole Foods location, a farmers' market, restaurants - and of course all those coffee shops).

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1750 South Beach 1 Bedroom

For anyone that works in the Peninsula and lives in the city, a home near Caltrain can be a luxury, indeed. However, listings in the area generally fall into two categories: overpriced apartments in characterless high rises, or SOMA units which are just a tad too far from the station and in a bit too sketchy of an area to be considered a real deal. This week's Craigslist Deal happily fits neither of those descriptions and costs under $1800.

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