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Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1625 Downtown Studio

It's rare that we see any apartments downtown that are affordable, so even though this studio is slightly out of the price range we usually cover it seemed worth a peek. Its location at New Montgomery and Howard is just a hop, skip an a jump away from the Financial District, which, we're not going to lie, is the main thing the place has going for it. No hardwood floors or french doors here, folks - it's a studio furnished with a pull out-couch and (this one hurts) a "halogen torchiere lamp". Ouch.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1590 Castro Victorian

The Victorian architecture and Castro locale of this week's Craigslist deal seem in many ways to make it the quintessential SF pad. Luckily, the only atypical aspect of the apartment is the price. Clocking in at just shy of $1600, this charming one bedroom is quite a steal. Its Storrie and 18th St location is  a short walk to all the action on Castro but set in a quiet residential area that is just off the beaten path. Bay windows overlooking the street offer another classic touch, but the private outdoor area in back is an uncharacteristic aspect of city living that we'd happily accept.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1650 1 Bedroom on Lake

Lake Street might be one of the best kept secrets in the city. Situated between the Presidio and Clement and just a short walk to Laurel Village, the street is an oasis of calm, pretty houses close enough to the action to forgo any 'burbs-like doldrums. And since it doesn't have the name cache of some other neighborhoods it can go unnoticed by many, though finding a rental can still be tough (hey, even a the best kept secrets get out in this small town). So when we saw this one bedroom located at Lake and Sixth Avenue for $1650, we knew it was worthy of a feature. The apartment has plenty going for it, with hardwoods floors, a well-kept kitchen and large windows looking out into the street.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1599 1 Bedroom in North Beach

For some, North Beach calls to mind alcohol-fueled debachery, strip clubs, and bus loads of tourists as far as the eye can see. If that's your thing, sweet. If not, don't write the place off yet. Stop by on a weekday and you'll find a charming, picturesque neighborhood filled with little Italian grandmas, one-of-a-kind boutiques (Al's Attire is our fave), and amazing bakeries (have you ever tried a slice of Stella Bakery's sacrapantina? Fuggedaboutit - so good). The location is nothing to sneeze at either. If you work downtown it's just a brisk walk away, meaning you could say 'arrivederci' to that soul-crushing morning MUNI ride you loathe.

Craigslist Deal O' the Week: 1 Bedroom in Noe for $1600

Livin' the dream in Noe Valley usually entails a golden retriever and at least one baby, but it could just as easily entail scoring a one bedroom for less than $1700. Yup, it's a notoriously pricey neighborhood, and with good reason - consistently decent weather and more breakfast joints per capita than anywhere this side of the Mississippi (uncorroborated fact) means you're almost guaranteed a relaxing, sunny weekend (should the screaming children not spoil your three hour brunch). You can also use your Noe Valley digs as a calming respite between jaunts to the Mission or Castro (both nearby), and really show those yuppies how to live the dream.

Craigslist Deal: Dog Friendly Apartment in Cole Valley for $1375

We've resigned ourselves to the fact that a cute, dog-friendly apartment in San Francisco just might be an urban legend. For some reason landlords equate a dog's destructive tendencies to something on par with housing a wild grizzly bear or pack of weasels. That said, somehow there are dogs everywhere in the city, which begs the question, where do they all live? Our quest for finding decent housing for a human and a dog (at a deal) at first seemed like attempting to locate El Dorado, but we soon stumbled upon this little gem in Cole Valley.

Craigslist Deal O' the Week: 1 Bedroom in Pac Heights for $1600

Lately the only thing on our mind is the anticipation of warm weather. Overcast, rainy days may try to buzzkill our weekends now, but we know summer is nigh (believe it or not, it's already May). It's no wonder then, that this apartment immediately caught our eye - the deck is perfect for basking in the warm, soon-to-be summer sun. Other perks: great location on Sacramento just a block from Laurel Village, a dishwasher and garbage diposal, three closets, hardwood floors, and it's on the top floor.

Apartment Hunting? The Best Deals on Craigslist Right Now

A recent SFGate article reports that the city’s average monthly rent is $1642—and dropping. Here are a few of the best deals floating around on Craigslist.

1. Noe Valley studio $1450

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