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The Dark Room

Bad Movie Night at The Dark Room

If your idea of fun is sitting in a dark room with the sarcastic robots of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and whose isn't?), we've got the place for you. But the valiant souls with the microphones aren’t machines. Nor are they ornery old men best known for hurling verbal slurs at muppets. No, the voices of Bad Movie Night are alive, ready to heckle, and partially blocking your view of Megan Fox's cleavage. 

Mercilessly lambasting recent blockbusters (next up is Eat, Pray, Love), Bad Movie Night is a haven for anyone who can’t keep quiet when filmmakers commit the heinous crime of putting sunglasses on a pig or thinking Megan Fox is a good idea. There’s an art to skewering movies so bad even the actors cringe - and the hosts of Bad Movie Night have been perfecting it for six years.

The Movie is God-Awful? Yell It.

Sometimes you're in a movie theater and you make one too many snarky remarks to your movie companion and the humorless person in front of you whips her head around to glare at you or shush you. Which is totally unfair because sometimes you have something way too witty to say to wait till after the movie, and sometimes you need your companion to know that you already know what's about to happen. The worse the movie is, the harder it is to restrain yourself.

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