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David Weir

Trulia's iOS App "Pushes" You Rental Info as Units Come on the Market

San Francisco-based Trulia, a national leader in the residential real estate search business, currently serves some 20 million unique monthly users.

And while it’s well established in the home sales market, more recently it has been moving aggressively into the rental space as well.

As anyone in the Bay Area knows, rental units can be hard to find these days. Trulia’s own figures show that rentals have gone up in price 11.1 percent in San Francisco over the past year (and 9.4 percent in San Jose.)

These changes in the rental market parallel the emergence of smartphones; thus the company's recent launch of a free iOS app, Trulia Rentals, provides some intriguing insights into how our lives are evolving in the mobile age.

Video Sharing App ShowYou Launches Web Channels

Video Sharing App ShowYou, in Paradigm Shift, Launches Web Grids

Earlier this year, we profiled ShowYou, the video discovery and sharing app with a distinctive grid-like interface that worked on all kinds of touch devices but reached its optimal form, not surprisingly, on the iPad.

As of today, ShowYou's Web Grids is now available by invitation on the web and the UI is closely aligned with that of the iPad version. Users can now share their whole grid (i.e. channel) of videos with friends, on the web.

The Eatery, an iPhone App That Can Help You Eat Healthier (Check Out the Data)

The Eatery, an iPhone App That Can Help You Eat Healthier (Check Out the Data)

It doesn’t do justice to The Eatery, a free iPhone app from Massive Health, to describe it as just another app, because it doubles as a giant crowd-sourced study of how people actually eat.

As an app, it is very easy to use, and can help you eat in a healthier way going forward. To use it, you simply pull out your phone, establish where you are, take a photo of the food you are currently eating, give it a name (burger) and rate it along a sliding scale as to how healthy you think it to be.

CherryPick Launches Matchmaking Based on Your Social Network

CherryPick Launches Matchmaking Based on Your Social Network

When it comes to starting new relationships, most people have traditionally needed a little help from their friends.

And even with all the communications technologies and online dating sites in this era, most of us would probably still be grateful for a good old-fashioned matchmaker.

LoopUp Takes the Pain Out of Conferencing Online

LoopUp Takes the Pain Out of Conferencing Online

If you are someone who finds yourself all too often annoyed by the limitations of the current generation of conference calls and virtual meeting technologies, help may be on the way.

The first thing I noticed about LoopUp during a call with the company’s co-founder and co-CEO, Steve Flavell, was how easy it is to use.

Podio Revolutionizes the Way We Work

Podio is Revolutionizing the Way We Work

If you’ve ever had a job where some manager forced you to use software you hate, Podio is for you. “We have a democratic view of how work should work,” says Podio’s Lilly Hanscom. “People work best when they have control over the tools they use.”

Podio’s tagline is “Work the way you want to,” and what the company offers is project management software toward that goal.  Essentially, it enables you, the worker, to build your own apps.

Exec Finds You Real-Time Help for Small Tasks at a Flat Rate

Exec Finds You Real-Time Help for Small Tasks at $25/Hour

Too busy these days to get some of your basic tasks done? If so, Exec may be for you. This startup promises to “get anything you want done right away” for the flat rate of $25/hour.

Sosh Helps You Discover High-Quality Local Activities

Sosh Helps You Discover Local Activities

“What do you want to do this weekend?”

That question must get asked tens of thousands of times, at least, by people all over the city every week, and now there’s a startup ready to give you fresh new answers: Sosh.

Hotel Tonight Offers "Impulse Bookings" on Mobile and iPad

Hotel Tonight

Here’s a scenario. You decide to go out on the town with friends after work, but worry that you’ll have so much fun you won’t be able to handle a late commute home.

What to do?

Well, just pull out your smart phone (or as of today, your iPad), download the Hotel Tonight app, and score a great deal with a last-minute booking at one of a half-dozen local hotels, ranging from basic to luxury.

Social Video Platform Spreecast Brings Face to Face Conversations to Live Broadcasts

Seven years after co-founding StubHub, which was sold to eBay in 2007, Jeff Fluhr took a bit of a break. He noted a number of social media and technology trends before deciding on his next move.

“One thing I noticed was that what had been private conversations were becoming public conversations,” Fluhr says. “Ever since the advent of email, we’d been having these largely private, asynchronous conversations, text-based.

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