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deer tick

Photos: Middle Brother @ The Independent

Middle Brother (members of Dawes + Deer Tick + Delta Spirit)

Listen Up: Deer Tick, Ani Difranco, Fillmore Jazz Fest

It’s obvious from the very short list of featured musicians this week, the land of music remains quiet as weary artists take a break from non-stop festivals and shows on their summer tour. We expect it to kick back up and into full force in late July, but for now, here are a few must-sees this week.

Deer Tick: The Most Soulful Indie Boys Since The Black Keys Hit The Independent


The sound of hot, lazy summer days spent basking on a warm stone beside a swimming hole, or dangling from a rocker on a front porch, listening to cricket cackle and sucking back cans of Old Style -- that’s sound of Deer Tick, the most soulful indie rock boys to come down the pike since the Black Keys. The band plays the Independent on Wednesday, July 1.



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