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The Best S'mores in San Francisco

I't's National S'mores Day! In celebration, we rounded up the most creative, impressive, and tasty versions of the graham cracker-marshmallow-chocolate concoction across the city to prove why s'mores are worthy of love outside of a campfire.

Emily Luchetti on Baking Myths and the Joy of Eggplant with Chocolate

Just out of college, my first real dessert cookbook was Emily Luchetti’s Stars Desserts. I cooked out of it until the pages were falling out. Eighteen years later, Luchetti, the executive pastry chef at Waterbar and Farallon, has released her latest cookbook called The Fearless Baker (Little Brown, $30), co-authored by Lisa Weiss. To write it, she worked in the kitchen with fledgling, insecure bakers, taking notes all the while so that her book would be one that even someone paralyzed with baking trepidation could master.

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