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dim sum

Mama Ji's Pop-Up Does Dim Sum 101

While traditional-style San Francisco dim sum has been a presence in the Avenues and Chinatown forever, recently a small crop of new Chinese spots is starting to break those physical boundaries. M.Y. China and Hakkasan are both high-profile, grandiose projects slated to open downtown in November, and we've already got the new Shanghai in the Castro, just blocks away from the five-week-old Mama Ji's dim sum pop-up at Queen Malika Cafe (4415 18th Street).

If you don't know your way around a dim sum cart, it is time for a vocabulary lesson. Here now, a back-pocket guide based on a deluge of noodly nuggets sampled yesterday at Mama Ji's.

What to Eat: Chinese New Year Parade

Roast duck wonton noodle soup at Hing Lung. Photo by Flickr user bubbletea1.

You know the scene. It’s Chinese New Year. The parade is in full force. The streets are teeming with people. You’re hungry. You didn’t eat beforehand, and now every restaurant is packed. You’re walking the streets in confused desperation. Finally, exasperated and starving, you either head to House of Nanking, where you spend the next two hours in line, or home, grumpily grabbing a burrito on the way.

This year, break the cycle. It’s time to enjoy the parade and stuff your belly full of good things to eat, without the stress. It just requires a little planning. Here are the spots on our itinerary…what’s on yours?

Dumplings and a Flick: The Best Post T-Day Pairings

Dumplings and a movie. It doesn't get much better. Here are our five of our favorite double dates.

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