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The Dog Poll

And the Winner of Our 2012 Cutest Dog Poll Is....

We love anytime we get to let our dog obsession go wild, and this year, our 2012 Dog Poll was a heated, tooth-and-nail battle till the end. Out of 50 insanely adorable finalists ranging from a great dane to a pair of wrinkly bulldogs to a tiny chihuahua mix with a hefty underbite, we narrowed it down to seven. After almost 5,000 votes, you've crowned the champion of this year's batch. Who was it, you ask?

7x7's Dog Poll: The Search for San Francisco's Cutest Pooch

Every day, I look forward to my morning walk through Duboce Park on the way to the N train. The dog scene there is a constantly evolving comedy (and sometimes drama) of cliques, patrol groups, and ball-chasing competitions. One thing that's unwavering, however, is the adoration owners have for their pets. Everyone thinks that their dog - purebred or mutt - is the cutest.

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