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Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs' Sleek Pop Breaks the SF Music Mold

As much as I like to think of myself as a tireless advocate for all the filthy, thrashing rock n' roll that comes out of this city–after all, it is the best music to drink to–my ears get tired of the grit and grime. Sometimes, I just want music that glides through my brain, not something that barges its way in, fists flying, snarling, and tiring me out. Not to mention, when it's been as gloomy a summer as this, I need music that can bring me out of any major funk. Dominant Legs' sleek, 80s-tinged pop saved me this year.

Two Doses of Summer: Melted Toys' "Rose Again" and Dominant Legs' "Laughing the Whole Time"

Sometimes, you just gotta let your brain get lazy. I recently got the split 7" single done by local bands Dominant Legs and Melted Toys–both of whom we've given a lot of love before–from French record press Atelier Ciseaux. When I need to completely zen out on and forget that it's miserable outside, I put it on at full blast. And maybe do a little dancing.

Local Band Name Breakdown: Dominant Legs

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Ryan Lynch, who's done time lending guitar licks to SF mainstays Magic Bullets and Girls, formed Dominant Legs as a solo shot-in-the-dark in 2008 after getting the boot from his job. Three years later, the band has bloomed to boast four other members–including fellow vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hunt and former Girls drummer Garett Godard on guitar–and a gloriously sunny, synthy shimmer that pops with Hunt's harmonies.

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Thoughts on the Noise Pop 2011 Lineup

Seen the Noise Pop 2001 lineup yet? Taking place from February 22-27, there's still a while before the city's finest music fest appears on stage. I'm going to think of this as a kind of "rough draft" because there are more artists yet to be announced.

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