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Bartenders Battle in Nail or Fail Cocktail Contest

Mathias Simonis pours his "No Floozie in the Dramboozie"

This week, more than a dozen bartenders from around San Francisco dusted off sticky bottles of Drambuie, embracing the challenge to reconsider the 200-year-old Scotch-based liqueur.  Whether they normally spend their nights slinging Jaeger shots to college kids or discussing the finer points of the Manhattan to patrons perched precociously on velveteen stools, on Tuesday night, all were equal.

The Quest for the Perfect Drambuie Cocktail Begins with 2012's Nail or Fail Showdown

Drambuie, the spicy Scottish liqueur that's been tickling tongues since 1745, is on the hunt for the bartender with the brains and the skills to work cocktail magic. What kind of cocktail magic, you ask? The kind that demands your expert judgment this March 19 and 20 during their Nail Or Fail Bartender Showdown.

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