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Dungeness crab

It's Crab Season! Here's Where To Get Your Dungeness

Obviously you should hit up the classic spots like Tadich Grill, Sotto Mare, and Swan Oyster Depot during Dungeness crab season. But now that it's that special time of year, you'll find crab walking into a way larger breadth of menus—especially since the coastal fisherman are saying it's going to be a great year. We asked a bunch of chefs around town how they're using the local bounty, and gathered up the best dishes to pass on to you. Get ready for Dungeness crab in salads, chowders, flatbreads, dips, sandwiches, benedicts and more. 

Consumed: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

This week's blog is short and sweet. I actually took it easy on the eating out and cooked at home. That doesn't mean I didn't eat well. I roasted a trussed chicken wrapped in housemade bacon from Olivier's Butchery in Dogpatch and served it with roasted potatoes. 

Where To Eat Dungeness Crab Now

The reigning crab of the West Coast, Dungeness are rolling into the Pier in full throttle now in the Bay Area. Although the large crustaceans get their name from the Northern port town of Dungeness, Washington, these hard-shells are very much a San Francisco thing.

Feast Family-Style On Dungeness Crab @ Starbelly Next Week

Crab season has arrived loud and clear, and Dungeness this and that are popping up on menus all around town. Starbelly is reaping the ocean's bounty and organizing a family-style Dungeness crab and chardonnay feast next Tuesday, December 7th, from 5-9 pm.

It's limited to 60 lucky people so get in there now while you can. At $56 per person, you can gorge with Chef Adam and winemaker Jim Malone from Terra Savia vineyards on a crab-centric menu that is already making our mouths water.

Here's just an inkling of what they might serve:

Fresh Dungeness crab with drawn butter and remoulade

Crackin’ Up: Laguna Honda Crab Feed Fundraiser

It was a rollicking good time on Friday out at the Irish Cultural Center when Supervisor Sean Elsbernd hosted his 2nd annual Crab Feed Fundraiser.

“Well the first one was actually for my re-election campaign,” said Elsbernd, laughing. “But  this year supports one of the great, city-wide institutions in District 7 -- Laguna Honda Hospital.”

Serve Crab for Thanksgiving

Every year here, the beginning of Dungeness crab season and Thanksgiving collide, making crab for Turkey Day a great SF tradition. Friday was the beginning of the crab season here, so to celebrate, Joe went down to Clement Street and bought six hefty—very feisty—live crabs and brought them home, stuffed in his messenger bag, to cook for an impromptu dinner party.
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