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Dyke March

Slice of Pride: Pizzeria Delfina for Dykes on Bikes

As part of Pride, Pizzeria Delfina is the sponsor of this year's Dyke March. Not only are they providing the necessary Porta-Potties along the way (when a woman's got to go, she's got to go), but they're also selling this limited edition  Pizzeria Delfina pride t-shirt. $25 gets you the t-shirt and also provides a donation to the cause. How good will these beauties look on a dyke on a bike? For a Harley chopper look, I'd cut off the sleeves, make it into a half shirt, and maybe fringe the bottom of it with beads. But that's just me.

2010 Pride Guide: 10 Events Not to Miss

The tidal wave known as SF Pride drops this week. A bunch of insanity is about to unfold, so get ready to enjoy it all to the fullest with our 2010 Best of Pride picks.


Thursday, June 24

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