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Ed Asner

It's Gotta Be the Storytelling: The Makers of 'Up' Discuss the Secret of Pixar's Success

Pete Docter is no stranger to success.

A 19-year veteran of Pixar’s Emeryville-based animation studio, Docter, 40, is, like so many of his similarly tenured peers, a creative force whose contributions to the company’s cinematic canon have been as indispensable as they have been varied. As an animator, he helped craft the innovative look of the studio’s first two films, Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. He co-authored Toy Story and its critically adored sequel and, more recently, helped develop the scripts for Monsters, Inc. (which he also directed) and last year’s Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature, WALL*E.

Another High-Flying Triumph for Pixar

It hardly seems necessary to point out, as I and countless others have before, Pixar’s well-earned reputation for crafting animated tales that transcend the supposed limitations of the genre, populating aesthetically rich universes with characters who often seem more memorably human than those in live-action fantasies. But it’s still worth noting.

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