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Mummies & Medicine: Postmortem is the New Undead

Between Twilight and True Blood, pop culture's postmortem creature du jour is the vampire. But what about mummies, those lovable cloth-wrapped corpses from times more ancient than vampires? From a historical and archaeological perspective, mummies are much cooler than vampires, so spend your Halloween at the Legion of Honor's Very Postmortem: Mummies and Medicine opening this Saturday, Halloween. More science than myth, the exhibit uses scientific and medical studies of Egyptian mummies as a window into ancient Egyptian society.

Tut-riffic Treasures @ the de Young


Just like another '70s-era cultural phenomenon, “blockbuster is the word” that captures the de Young Museum’s current exhibition, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs.

In fact, we can’t recall ever hearing that phrase uttered more at a single event than at the recent opening-night gala which celebrated the return to San Francisco of the Boy King.

The exhibition features 130 objects (curated by the de Young’s Renee Dreyfus). Only about 50 of those derive from the treasure-troved tomb of Tut which was discovered in 1922. The rest comprise other, wonderfully fantastic funereal finery from the tombs of his royal relatives.

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