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Fitness Buddy - the App That May Replace Personal Trainers

Fitness Buddy, The App That May Replace Personal Trainers

Walk into any gym these days and, odds are, almost everybody you see will be plugged in, probably to their playlists, while they work out.

So in this always-connected mobile world of ours, what if there was an app that actually walked you through your exercise routine, step-by-step, like a virtual personal trainer?

Superhero Weekend at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach

A tribute to San Francisco's historic oceanside amusement park Playland at the Beach, El Cerrito's Playland-Not-at-the-Beach dubs itself a "Museum of Fun." The indoor museum contains over 30 pinball machines you can play for free, penny arcades with "antique amusement devices," magicians, a hand-carved miniature circus, and exhibits honoring carnival and amusement park history—all without the freezing cold of the original Playland's Ocean Beach location. If you've just returned from Comic-Con, don't pack that Batman costume away just yet. This weekend is Super Heroes Weekend at Playland, with prizes for fun-seekers who show up in superhero costumes. There's also a flea circus starring Professor B!

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