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elizabeth falkner

Liquid Nitrogen Makes Ice Cream of the Crop

Smitten Ice Cream owner Robyn Sue Goldman just added a spiced fresh pumpkin ice cream with espresso spiked walnuts to her menu. Her ice cream shop opened at the Proxy Project in Hayes Valley a few months ago, touting liquid nitrogen ice cream. Although you probably don't want to think about science when you're digging into that freshly rolled scoop of seasonal goodness, it's the chemistry behind it that makes it taste so darn good.

Recipe for Romance: Chefs Share Their Special Meals

Most chefs and restauranteurs are too busy cooking and serving on Valentine’s Day to darken the door of any local restaurants, but that doesn’t mean they never make time for a special meal. We asked 6 local food personalities to tell us the most romantic meal they’ve shared.

Today's Hot Links: Top Chef Masters and Pi

Top Chef Masters: Neatly summarizing the love-fest vibe of Top Chef Masters so far, Elizabeth Falkner quipped, "we were meaner when we were judges." And then there was this and this.

Upheaval at Orson

In all the hustle and bustle of last week (closing our November issue, dodging Fleet Week drama and the release of the 2009 Michelin guide) we received a press release from none other than Elizabeth Falkner, the executive chef behind both Citizen Cake and Orson. Unfortunately, the release confirmed what we feared might eventually happen over at Orson (for our early article and video about Orson, click here).
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