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Photos: 7x7's Fall 2011 Nightlife Guide Launch Celebration at OSHA Lounge Embarcadero

On August 31st, 7x7 and cover-model venue OSHA Lounge Embarcadero joined forces to host San Francisco's most prominent figures in the nightlife and entertainment circles, celebrating the newest edition of our must-have guide to the city's bars, clubs, lounges and more!

VIP guests enjoyed complimentary specialty cocktails made with Pisco Porton; ice cold Sapporo beer; and delicious selections from Osha Thai's newly revised catering menu of exotic tastes.

Scenes of the City: The San Francisco Marathon

For this week's Scenes of the City we got up early (4:30 am) on Sunday morning and made our way down to the Embarcadero to capture the SF Marathon.

Two runners take a moment to stretch and appreciate the early morning scenery.

Elite runner and Olympic qualifier Michael Wardian crosses the finish line in about 2 1/2 hours to win the overall marathon. 

Fly High: Urban Zipline Opens at the Embarcadero

Oh, Canada. We applaud you, mighty neighbor to the north. What other country would install a zipline ride at the Embarcadero and charge nothing to fly 680 feet across Justin Herman Plaza? Constructed as a tourism promotion for British Columbia, the ride will send thrillseekers gliding over fountains, art sculptures and, of course, plenty of pigeons from Apr. 8-18. The festivities kick off today with free aboriginal dance performances, a 3D art installation and an interactive video wall of the Great White North. But, really, the allure is in the Ziptrek Ecotours zipline, which starts off on an 80-foot tower and (have we mentioned?) is free. And for that, Canada, we'll stand on guard—or on a platform—for thee.

‘Creation’ Creates Stir -- And Confusion

The new biopic of Charles Darwin, Creation, is loaded with potential for major drama, even apart from the fact that the scientist’s ideas on evolution still provoke, 150 years after On the Origin of Species was published. (Producer Jeremy Thomas told the UK’s Telegraph that he was amazed that as of this fall the film had no stateside distributor because of its content -- and the contention going on about Creation on US Christian Web sites: “That’s what we’re up against. In 2009.

Spin City: ‘In The Loop’ Finds The Black Humor On The Road To War

“Where d’ya think you are, in some f---ing  Regency costume drama?” snarls Peter Capaldi, the rapidly twirling, rabidly frothing spin-doctor at the center of In the Loop’s storm. No worries – there’s absolutely no mistaking In the Loop for a well-behaved Jane Austen comedy of manners, zombies or no. Instead, the searingly funny and frighteningly close to home In the Loop comes clad in the pitch-black-humored, corrosive satire of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal and Barry Levinson's Wag the Dog.

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