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Estate Sales

Sonoma Estate Sale Has Something for Everyone This Weekend

When Susan Gardner called me about this estate sale she couldn't stop gushing about it. It has all the things you like to see in estate sale clients: the couple liked to entertain, they enjoyed traveling and one of them worked as an interior designer. For people who go to these events, that's another way of saying "good stuff found here."

Hundreds of Thousands of Items for Sale at Oakland Estate Sale This Weekend


Q: Just how big is the estate sale at 264 Monte Vista Avenue in Oakland this weekend?

A: It's so large that organizers have spent 12 days sorting and pricing and they are still finding new things.
A: There are so many pieces, they estimate the for-sale items number into the hundreds of thousands.
A: It's a sale whose variety and breadth will have attendees talking for years.

Estate Sale Report: Oakland Warehouse Sale Perfect for Hippie Art Collectors

When John Favors was a little boy in San Francisco, he started messing around with his grandmother's decorative items and playing in her jewelry box. Later, as a self-described hippie, he became fascinated with everything from rusty cans to antiques while under the influence of mind-altering drugs. I don't know what kind of substance gave him his aesthetic eye, but if it could help me put together a collection like his, I'll have what he's having. He's staging a warehouse sale in Oakland this weekend, and it's the kind of thing scavenging dreams are made of. Read more. . . .

Estate Sale Report: A Collector's Dream Comes to the Old American Rag Shop

For several years I've been ducking down Fern Alley off Van Ness Street  to visit a little store whose name I never knew. The small space was packed to the rafters with estate goods and shopping there was like combing through 1,000 attics stuffed into a four-room flat. For the next several months, that business has a new name (Tenenbaum's Emporium) and a new Van Ness Street location (the old American Rag store between Bush and Sutter Sts.). Best of all, all the goods are 50 percent off. Read more.....

Eccentric Estate Sale in Napa This Weekend

It's going to be perfect road trip weather this weekend, so head north to check out the goods from two lifetimes in one Victorian house near downtown Napa. On sale are the collected households of two women in their nineties; one was a long-time piano teacher the other owned a pawn shop. Need I say more?

Can't-Miss Estate Sale in Old Firehouse on Broad Street

The estate sale this weekend at the old SFFD station on 117 Broad Street is filled with so many rare, valuable, historic and downright kooky collectibles, it will light a fire under your feet. Use that motivation to hot-foot it to this sale, because it's a can't-miss opportunity for people who want to own a bit of San Francisco history—or just something that's truly unique.

Furniture & Housewares Galore @ Estate Sale This Weekend In Oakland

I've heard that when people lose it all in a catastrophe, material goods become either irrelevant or paramount. When the couple who owned this Piedmont estate had their former home and possessions go up in flames during the Oakland Hills fire of '91, they decided to recreate the good life in a new house. The trappings of that existence are for sale this weekend.The estate sale is located at 25 Wildwood Gardens (a neighborhood that feels like a gated community, although it is not) in the charming Mediterranean dwelling where the husband and wife rebuilt their household. Read more. . .

The Mother of all Estate Sales in Oakland this Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday Hudson's Gallery offers the goods from nine estates under one roof at their warehouse in Oakland. The amount of inventory for sale is staggering, numbering into the thousands of items. It's kind of like the design center of used furniture and accessories. These warehouse sales happen every three or four months at Hudson's. What makes this one notable, among many things, is the large collection of antique radios.

Weekend Estate Sale: An Academic's Treasure Trove in Los Gatos

Is collecting an inherited trait? Judging from the astounding depth and breadth of the goods offered at an estate sale this weekend in Los Gatos, the answer is "yes." In this family, grandmother was a collector and her daughter and son-in-law continued the tradition. The beneficiary is you, when you venture into this house that's better stocked than some antiques and vintage stores.The sale is staged by Martin Codina's Fine Estate Liquidation company. Codina has been running estate sales for 15 years, and what he doesn't know about antiques, art and collectibles may not be worth learning (check out his blog, and you'll find out a lot about, well, a lot).

Where to begin? This family, a pair of academics, loved to buy items ranging from the fine to the esoteric.

American-Graffiti Style Estate Sale in Sonoma

The offerings at an incredible estate sale in Sonoma County this weekend bring to mind George Lucas' iconic film American Graffiti. But make no mistake, these 60s-era finds aren't stage props, they are the real deal from a family that ran a beloved diner-style restaurant for decades in Petaluma.The restaurant was Beasleys, and for 21 years the owners served three squares a day at their historic Wickersham Building establishment in the town where American Graffiti was filmed.

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