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eva sasson

Student Team Builds TappMob, An App Their Parents (and Many Others) Will Appreciate

It’s common to hear the latest generation of entrepreneurs referred to as “kids,” but when it comes to TappMob, founders Eva Sasson and Justin Mardjuki may just have found a way to use that label to their competitive advantage.

Their first app, Check-in, which is expected to be approved by Apple soon, allows an iPhone user with one tap to “send your location to one person,” says Sasson, adding quickly, “like your parent.”

In fact, Mardjuki says, that’s what directly drove this pair of 2010 graduates from College Preparatory High School in Oakland to create TappMob, which won the people’s choice award at this summer’s MobileBeat conference.

“Growing up in the Bay Area you have to drive everywhere. Our parents would freak out – ‘Where are we? When are we coming home?’ Or, ‘Where should we pick you up?’ Well, we’ve created an app to communicate with our parents easier. Long conversations are unsafe when driving.”

The same app fits many other use cases, as well, of course, which is not lost on these 19-year-old co-founders.

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