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exquisite corpse

Exquisite Corpse Contest Winner: Nina Asay's "Where Rain Comes From"

Local artists stepped up their game a few months ago for our Exquisite Corpse poster contest, and it was a heated battle to the end. The winner, who will get their artwork on a poster sold exclusively on, is Nina Asay, who created the whimsical painting Where Rain Comes From (pictured at left), a very apropos piece considering the storms about the lash our dear city, and a fantastic expansion on the original inspiration drawing by SF-based artist Eunice Moyle.

Exquisite Corpse Game: The Final Round of Entries

The exciting conclusion of our Exquisite Corpse game is almost here! Take in the entries for our final round, sent to us by an ever-talented batch of local artists, in response to Lorena Siminovich's adorable collage. On Wednesday we'll choose the overall winner, who will get their artwork put on a poster sold exclusively on

Exquisite Corpse Game: Final Round to Get Your Artwork On A Poster!

Today marks the beginning of the final round of our Exquisite Corpse game! We've seen some amazing art come out of this challenging project, but it's not over yet. Take in this collage by local artist Lorena Siminovich and craft a response drawing to send to us at by next Tuesday, December 28th. It must be a JPEG that's 500 width by 700 height at 72 dpi.

Exquisite Corpse Game, Round Three Entries

Round 3 of our Exquisite Corpse game is over, and we're excited to show you the awesome entries we received this week in response to Lisa Congdon's hypnotizing bison with rainbow laser eyes.

Exquisite Corpse Game Round Three: Get Those Creative Juices Going

Round Three of our Exquisite Corpse game commences today! Feast your eyes on the painting above, an arresting portrait of a bison with rainbow lasers shooting out of its eyes, by SF-based fine artist Lisa Congdon. Submissions by all you local artists out there just keep getting better and better, but we still want to see what you've got! Stakes are high in this second-to-final round of the game.

Got Last-Minute Ideas? Our Exquisite Corpse Game Round Two Ends Today

Round Two of our Exquisite Corpse game concludes today, so if you creative types out there have any last minute response drawings to the trippy prism painting by Kelly Lynn Jones to send our way, get to it! Entries must be mailed as JPEGs (500 width by 700 height at 72 dpi) to!

Exquisite Corpse Game Round Two: Respond To This Drawing!

It's Wednesday, which means our Exquisite Corpse game continues with this very Pink Floydian piece of art by local artist Kelly Lynn Jones. Get your noggin in gear and craft a response drawing (here's the great stuff we received for the first round!) for a chance to win $140 in local gift certificates and your art might even wind up on a poster sold exclusively on!

Last Day to Submit Your Exquisite Corpse Game Artwork!

Behold the whimsical entries we've received for our Exquisite Corpse game! Today is the last day to enter your artwork in response to local artist Eunice Moyle's original drawing from our inaugural post, so keep sending those JPEGs (500 width by 700 height at 72 dpi) in to

Tomorrow and each Wednesday in December, we're posting another inspirational drawing you can respond to. The best of the bunch will be transformed into a poster sold exclusively on!

Our Exquisite Corpse Game Begins Today: Submit Your Drawings!

Let our Exquisite Corpse game begin! In the spirit of Chronicle Books' inspiring new tome The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game (a twist on the classic Exquisite Corpse game), we're challenging you to rev up those artistic engines.

Are You SF's Next Hot Poster Artist?

We here at 7x7 found ourselves so inspired by The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game (Chronicle Books), that we decided to continue the game online. Starting Dec. 1, we'll post a drawing from the book done by a local artist—one each Wednesday. Get your pens and paints ready because we're asking you to "respond" to each drawing with your own creation. Every week, we'll pick our favorite drawing and give the contributor $150 in local gift certificates. Then, at the end of December, we'll choose the best from the weekly winners.

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