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Local Etsy Love: Fabric from Swanky Swell

The decorating style over the past few recession-racked years have been all about slapping on a coat of paint, wallpapering, reupholstering – basically any way of prettying up the less-than-perfect without breaking the bank. Here's hoping the new year brings more prosperity than the past one, but let's also hope that the upcycling, DIY mentality that's been prevalent stays put.

Peapod Fabrics: Small Size, Great Selection

We profess that Britex is to die for, but that doesn't mean we want to go there all that often. Why? Well first of all it kind of sucks you into a vortex and spits you out a few hours later with a lot less money and no idea where the time went. Second of all it's downtown. If we're looking for a guaranteed pretty and well-curated selection of fabric that is priced moderately, we'll head to Peapod Fabrics. The tiny Inner Sunset store has beautiful cotton prints and European linen in a range of choices that won't take half of your day to comb through.

New Trina Turk Fabric for Schumacher

If the slow-coming warm weather has you dreaming of Palm Springs sun, a dose of color via Trina Turk's fabric might work just as well as a plane ticket. The designer's new line of indoor/outdoor prints from Schumacher evoke modern Southern California with each bright, crisp pattern. We say a chair or some pillows in Turk's fabric would certainly help banish any lingering chills in the air.

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