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fashionista faceoff

Playing Dress-Up: The Top Four Local Style Games

Despite a few notables from San Francisco’s past (we salute you, Alexander Wang), the reality is that the hottest names in fashion hail from the other coast. But dispense with reality for the virtual, and the Bay Area is fast becoming a capital for the cutting edge, thanks to a number of local companies reaching millions worldwide through fashion games played primarily on Facebook.

Game for the Fashion-Meets-Tech-Obsessed: Fashionista FaceOff

Warning to anyone with a style obsession and a Facebook account: there’s a new way to totally lose track of the next 45 minutes (or more) of your life. What’s more, it allows you to vie for international fashion domination (mwha-hah-ha) without spending a thing (at least at first). It’s Fashionista FaceOff, a new social game featuring local fashion celebs such as fashion show producer Charleston Pierce and stylist Keylee Sanders as judges.

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