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Fiery Furnaces

On Fire: Talking To Matthew Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces

It’s always fun to encounter Fiery Furnaces Matthew Friedberger -- the man is not only one of the most wildly prolific songwriters of his generation but he seems like a genuinely nice, intense fellow, who just happens to be overflowing with interesting ideas and projects (proof: 2009 saw the release of Fiery Furnaces’ I’m Going Away as well as two other shorter releases including Take Me Round Again, which saw FF covering itself).

Away We Go: Fiery Furnaces' Driving Music

Fiery Furnaces’ Friedberger sibs are monsters of rock. And it’s genuinely tough not to admire Eleanor and Matt Friedberger’s crazily prolific music-making and live intensity -- ideas seem to simply shoot off the Brooklyn, N.Y., sister-brother team like sparks. Astonishing to think the two have only been making music in the public eye since 2000.

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