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Film Night in the Park

Look of the Week: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Yes, the John Hughes classic is playing in Dolores Park this Saturday and we're beyond excited to relive the '80s (and fantasize about playing hooky) for a few hours.

But while everyone was swooning over how dreamy Ferris was, we couldn't help but fall in love with his girlfriend's effortlessly cool style.

That's why we decided to channel Sloane for this week's look, topping off a relaxed top and shorts with her iconic accessories: dark Wayfarers, fringe and distressed boots.

Now all you need is a blanket and your best Ben Stein impression:

Relive Some Teen Angst with Pretty in Pink in Dolores Park

Film Night returns to Dolores Park this Saturday (8pm) with one of cinema's most epic tales of unrequited love, class conflict, and social angst: "Pretty In Pink." Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a Chicago high school senior from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks who has a thing for rich and hunky Blane McDonough (Andrew McCarthy). Meanwhile, Andie's dorky friend Ducky (Jon Cryer) obsesses over her to the point of stalking. Andie is the ultimate icon for trendy Missionites: she works at a record store and turns secondhand clothes into quirky DIY New Wave ensembles. At least on Saturday night, the Mission's current 80s flashback fashion trend will seem more like appropriate costuming than attempted-and-failed irony.

Film Night in the Park: A Good Excuse to Cuddle

The platonic ideal of the outdoor movie experience involves a balmy summer’s eve, a picnic blanket to stretch out upon, plus various picnic delicacies. The San Francisco reality of the open-air movie spectatorship is usually more like a freezing fog-filled night, a down sleeping bag to cuddle in and wine to keep you warm.

Even so, Film Night in the Park rakes in the crowds, the happy campers and the masses yearning to see movies in the great outdoors. 

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