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Film Picks and Drinks from Tradition

Having only experienced Tradition on a weekend evening when mobility is nigh impossible through the twenty-somethings mobbing both sides of elaborately recesses bar trenches, I wasn’t sure what I was going to be in for when I visited GM Claire Sprouse there for this weekend’s picks and drinks.

What Are You Working On? with Joey Izzo

Bay Area Filmmaker Joey Izzo

Wherein 7x7 meets a member of the local film scene and asks them the immortal question: What are you working on?

Indie Films to Watch This Week

Get a sneak peak of seven indie gems screening in San Francisco over the weekend and into the week.

Indie Picks: Bay Films and Events This Week

The Silence

Get a sneak peak of seven indie gems screening in San Francisco over the weekend and into the week.

CAAMFest Refocuses on Film, Food and Fraternity

Gamelan fans rejoice!

San Francisco's Asian American Film Festival has always been one those events that seems to beg (and reward) the application of a good metaphor, and there's an analogy to be made somewhere that speaks to the fact that as other festivals have begun to age out, the 31-year-old fest has managed to retain a youthful glow.

On Location: Dragon Fight

Welcome to "On Location," a micro-feature taking you to little-known cinematic locations of SF and taking a look at the films shot in the city by the bay over the years.

Indie Theatre Roundup: Five Picks for the Upcoming Weekend

Still from Cate Shortland's Lore.

1) Trance Cinema Live–An Evening of Ritual and Ecstatic States
Oddball Film + Video once again lives up to its name with this pairing of music and film. The archive presents a series of ethnographic documents of trance rituals used by various cultures around the world (sample activity: Women dance ecstatically while men climb a ladder of knives), matching some shorts with music by Jakarta-based musician and sound designer Iman Fattah. Gamelan fans rejoice!

Our Five Can't-Miss Picks from SF Indiefest

Still from Berberian Sound Studio.

SF Indiefest, the biggest little film festival San Francisco has to offer, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this year. Calling it their "Quinceañera" in festival literature, the crown jewel of local impresario Jeff Ross' ever-expanding roster marks the occasion with the usual slate of heavy partying and one of its strongest festival lineups in years.

Indie Theater Roundup: Five Films to See This Weekend

Not your yoga teacher's mandala.

Ah, spring in San Francisco: Shorts weather 'til sundown, then quick, strap on your longjohns and get thee indoors before the temperatures drop and punishing winds leave you looking like a shoddy stunt double for Lance Henricksen. With SF Indiefest in town once again, there's plenty of genre goo to keep you busy this weekend. Take a peek at the picks:

SF Filmmaker Sari Gilman Talks About Her Oscar-Nominated Documentary "King's Point"

King's Point Film Still

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are." 

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