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"Christmas With Walt Disney" Brings The Iconic Founder Back to Life

If there’s one time of year when you can let the fond memories of Disneyland Christmas parades, Fantasia, and Swiss Family Robinson tug at your heartstrings, it’s now. Starting Nov. 26, the Walt Disney Family Museum presents Christmas With Walt Disney, a film that brings the iconic founder back to life alongside your favorite Disney faces. Directed by veteran filmmaker Don Hahn (known for his work on The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast), the film intersperses rare family footage of Disney himself with clips from the studio’s movies and television specials.

Disposable Film Festival's Bike-In Movie Night

For the second year in a row, the Disposable Film Festival will join the Bike Week celebration with a bike-in movie screening in the parking lot of the Good Hotel. This year's festivities start at 4pm with tasty treats from ForageSF's Underground Market. Show up by 7 to get in on the raffle, which includes Crumpler bags, 2 nights at the Good Hotel, and a limited edition bicycle from Globe Bikes. Screening begins at 8pm. Cost? Nothing! Just bring a blanket or your camping chairs, and the SFBC volunteers will take care of parking your bike. Check out the video after the break for an idea of what last year's event looked like.

Califone: From Park City to SF

All My Friends are Funeral Singers, written and directed by Califone's Tim Rutili, weaves film and music together into a single narrative. An album of the same titleprovides the soundtrack for the film about a fortune teller confronted with spirits from the past. At this year's Sundance festival, the experimental, non-competitve showcase New Frontier featured Rutili's film, with Rutili providing the soundtrack live. As far as we can tell, Rutili won't be playing live when Noise Pop shows the film this Sunday at ATA (4:15p, $10), but he will be there for Q&A after the screening. Trailer after the jump.

2010 Oscar Shorts Starting Friday

Starting this Friday, Landmark Theaters will show the 2010 Oscar-nominated short films at Opera Plaza Cinema (Civic Center) and the Lumiere Theater (Russian Hill). Live shorts in the program include Instead of Abracadabra, about a magician far too old to still be living at home, and The New Tenants with Vincent D'Onofrio, about neighbors from hell. The animated shorts feature the latest Wallace & Gromit installment, A Matter of Loaf and Death. The special engagement ends next Thursday, 2/26.

Here's Your Chance: Scriptapalooza

It's probably every writer's dream to go to Hollywood, produce a single genius screenwrite and live off those livings for a century. Scriptapalooza is the chance for those handful of amateurs to pursue their dreams in getting picked up by the bigshots. Disney, Miramax, Big Light and Bender-Spinks, names that bring fear and admiration to the hearts of screenwriters, will be in attendance to review the works of hopefuls. The grand prize? Aside from the chance to be read and critiqued by industry leaders, the first place winner will receive $10,000 and a year-long promotion as Scriptapalooza staff.

Bolivia's Rainbow Warriors: A Film at ATA

In 2007, the Bolivian Constituent Assembly met to draft a new constitution for the country. The draft they produced became a polarizing source of political outrage because of its implied empowerment of indigenous people, and by December 2007, the struggle had become violent. Tonight at Artists' Television Access on Valencia, A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition will screen "Guerreros del Arcoiris" (Rainbow Warriors), a film that tells the story of the majority and minority sides of the conflict, followed by a report on the current state of the ongoing struggle. The film starts at 7:30 ($6).

Cinema Drafthouse: Movie Night Mondays at The Independent

Over the next two months, the Independent's Cinema Drafthouse—where you to the Indy to drink and watch a movie instead of drink and watch music—will feature the venue's favorite flicks of 2009. Cinema Drafthouse: Best of 2009 Edition begins tonight with "The Hangover," the film that launched Zach Galifianakis from underground comedy and music video appearances to mainstream, box office success, even though most people probably still can't spell his name. The Best of 2009 moves on to Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" next Monday, followed by apartheid alien thriller "District 9" (1/18).

Oddball's Best of 2009

If you've never checked out the screenings at Oddball Film (275 Capp Street) tonight is a good night to do it. Guest curator Pete Gowdy, host of weekly listening party Shellac Shack, will present the highlights of 2009's at Oddball, showing the one or two standout shorts from each of the year's screenings. The films include "Ersatz (Substitute)," winner of the 1961 Oscar for best animated short; "One-Eyed Men Are Kings," a 1974 Oscar winner; and "Black Sabbath Parade," footage of a 1970 gay/tranny parade to welcome Black Sabbath to San Francisco. Films start at 8:30 ($10) and RSVP is required (415-558-8117 or


Hot & Bothered at the SF Independent Erotic Film Festival

Good Vibrations brings the San Francisco Independent Erotic Film Festival back for its fourth outing from September 12 through September 17. The festival starts this Saturday, September 12, with a sexy kick-off party at El Rio ($7, 9pm) featuring a screening of Courtney Trouble's Speakeasy and cigarette girls from Lusty Lady. For a trip through erotica's past, head to Amnesia on Sunday night where Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D will host Blue Movie night, sharing clips from the 1920s through the 1960s from the Oddball Films archive. If you've always been curious about BDSM, check out Erin Palmquist's documentary BDSM: It's Not What You Think! at the Center for Sex and Culture on Tuesday at 7:30p. Wednesday evening brings a screening of the 1974 classic The Devil In Miss Jones at the Lumiere Theater followed by a Q&A with the film's star, Georgina Spelvin. All of the festival events lead up to the film competition at the Castro Theater on Thursday evening (screening at 8 pm).

Klunkerz: The Story of the Birth of Mountain Biking in Marin

After the success of their screening of Rad and May's bike-in Disposable Film Festival, SFBC is sponsoring another bike-in movie tomorrow night in the parking lot of the Good Hotel at 7th and Mission (8pm). This month's film is Klunkerz, which tells the story of the birth of mountain biking in Marin and how it spread around the world. Mountain bike legend Gary Fisher will be there for a quick Q&A session after the film. And what's a film screening without concessions? Some of SF's favorite street food like Gobba Gobba Hey and the Magic Curry Cart be nearby for a quick bite during the movie. SFBC will provide valet bike parking.

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