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Finding the Sweet Spot

Playing Dice with the Parking Gods

Parking Guru

Dear Parking Guru,
I just know you have a solution for me. I am new to SF and live in the Haight and feel so happy to be here. I have a problem though, and in googling for a solution, you kept popping up. I live in a place with a driveway and I found out that I am allowed to block my own driveway when parking parallel on the street. The problem is that on both sides of it are those on-street spots where the curb isn’t long enough for a regular car to park. The driveway is narrow, so when I park in my driveway part of my car sticks into one or both of these “half” spots.

Changing Global Warming, One Parking Spot at a Time

There are currently 1.2 billion cows on the planet. Naturally, I wondered how much environmental impact they are having. A Japanese study showed that producing a kilogram of beef leads to the emission of greenhouse gases with a global warming potential equivalent to 36.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2). I then wondered how this compared to parking.

Parking Karma, App(titude), or Luck?

Earlier this week I found myself once again driving to a tech meeting, cutting the time way too close. So little time, so much to be done, and each day, it seems, the show must go on and somehow I get everything done. But, I digress. 

Parking and Traffic Number Crunching

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Ladies and gentleman, I present you with the FY 2011-2012 San Francisco parking and traffic statistics.

Parking in the Future: Using Google Earth Real-Time Video to Contest a Parking Ticket

Dear Parking Guru,
I am a big fan of your column on 7x7 and I appreciate all of your insights. I got towed the other night. The parking spot I found had some orange saw horses near the rear of my car. There was no signage on any of them. There weren’t any signs on any of the nearby posts. There were no signs, orange sawhorses, or cones in front of or next to my car.

Musings of a Parking Guru

Photo Courtesy of the Limo King

When most people’s minds wander, they think about things like what they’re going to have for lunch, or if that girl or guy is interested in them, or if coconut water really is the magic cure for hangovers. My mind often wanders effortlessly to parking and transportation thoughts. Here is a real-time linear recording of my mind wandering.

How to Take the Frustration Out of SF Parking

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Dear Parking Guru,
Since September of last year, I've been unsuccessfully trying to fight a ticket where I parked on the street at one end of a block where the 2-hour limit sign was damaged and removed (only a stub of the post remains, no sign) and the next sign was at the other end of the block 70 yards away and was obscured by a tree.
On 7x7 I saw that you mentioned the 100 foot law. I have not been able to find that rule in the Vehicle Code or the Municipal Code, and I definitely never heard about it in driving school.

Why Some Parking Apps Can Get You in Trouble

A little more than 2 years ago, San Francisco demonstrated its pioneering spirit when it launched its innovative parking system, SFPark.

Scooter and Motorcycle Parking Tips

Scooter and Motorcycle Parking Tips

Dear Parking Guru,

Thank you for being such a great source of information. I have a question for you. My girlfriend works in the Marina two days a week and drives a scooter. She has gotten two tickets in two days for parking over the time limit in a two-hour residential zone in one of those spots between driveways that aren't big enough for a car to fit in.

A Parking Ticket Mystery

Photo Courtesy of Boston Public Library

Dear Parking Guru,
I need your help. I received a delinquent parking violation for an address that I have never been to. I never even received an initial ticket.

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