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Finding the Sweet Spot

The Fall Classic: SFMTA vs. SF Giants

Read both choices and take a guess at which is greater: The SFMTA or SF Giants. Send in your guess as to who wins this seven-question series. Answers to follow. Wagering with co-workers is encouraged.

The Bright Side of Having Your Car Stolen

Stolen Car

Dear Parking Guru,
I am new to SF, so not up to speed with all of the rules, regulations, and inside info. After my recent experience this weekend, I was pointed promptly in your direction by a buddy of mine and I'm hoping you can help. Here is my situation:
My car got stolen Friday night, I filed a report Saturday morning and retrieved a voicemail upon waking up Sunday morning that they found my car around Dolores Park and I need to pick up my car. Here's the twist. The call came at 4 am and because I did not pick up, they towed my car, and now I have to pay $600 to pick it up!!

This Is Your Chance to Fix MUNI

MUNI ReRoutes

More and more, it seems that most decisions are made by people who are the least affected by those decisions. Everyone knows that MUNI, like most public transportation systems, has room for improvement, and the 673,196 daily riders have all had a moment or two to reflect on ways to improve it. Have you ever thought to yourself or muttered to a fellow rider, "It would be so cool if MUNI had an app that...?"

Is Parking in the Middle of the Road for Church on Sundays Legit?


Dear Parking Guru,
First off, thank you for your wisdom! I am an avid sign reader and hunter of the "secret spots" that you write about. But, I am also paranoid about getting a ticket and mentally filing away your info helps to lessen the paranoia. I read a recent post of yours in 7x7 about churches and strip clubs and the passenger loading zones they have in common and it triggered a question...what's the deal with traffic lanes turning into parking on Sundays in the Tenderloin? I've not seen any signs indicating the phenomenon is legitimate (though that may be because I'm too busy looking for legal parking). More importantly, how does SFMTA know (or do they) that the vehicles parked there are associated with churchgoers? And most importantly, can I park there within "church hours" when I'm going to brunch in the area without the fear of a ticket?
Ms. Striving to Stay Ticket-free


Street Sweeping Ticketing Policy Changes

Street Sweeping

Dear Parking Guru:
Today I came home early today to meet the repairman. It is street cleaning on the side of the block in front of my house with posted no parking signs between 12 pm and 3 pm.  As I pulled up to my house at 1 pm I saw the street sweeper driving off of my dead end street after doing his job so I figured that I could park in front of my house.  At 1:40 I received a $62 ticket.  This does not seem fair.  I know that I have seen people pull into parking spaces just after they see that the street sweeper has left and I assumed all was okay and ticket-free. Do I have any basis on which to fight this?
Thank You,

Ambiguous Special Events Signs That Don't Match Normal Parking Signs, Plus a Quiz

Before we get to this week's question, I have a preliminary question for you. I would love to see how this savvy audience interprets this. It's 6:45 pm on Wednesday 8/22/12.  Can you park in front of the pic above legally and without worry?

Proposal for a Change in How Parking Tickets are Issued in SF

Dear Parking Guru,
Using the keywords "help to protest, SF, parking citation, insane, ridiculous, parking rules", Google directed me to your
7x7 Column.  We received a street-sweeping ticket while on vacation in lovely San Fran this summer, and paid it. No problem there. However, we are in the process of contesting a "Hill Parking 3%" citation that we were allegedly issued on the same day.
My husband and I are from Washington D.C. and are by no means rookies when it comes to urban parking. We are old school and we make it a habit to curb our wheels whenever we park. Several months after our trip to SF, we received a letter from a collections agency about a "Hill Parking 3%" violation. We never received the citation (perhaps it blew away, or fell off, or was never put on our windshield to begin with). We never received any follow-up letter, or other communication about it and we are now being charged lots of late fees and collections fees.

Alternatives to Paying Parking Citation Fines

Dear Parking Guru,
I woke up this morning and thought that my car had been towed. I was wrong. I just forgot where I had parked. However, it raised a question. I have four outstanding parking tickets this year and can't pay them. With all of the late charges and fees, etc., I owe over $500.  Do they boot or tow cars for outstanding tickets? And what do I do if I don't have the money?  Paying the rent comes before paying $72 for being 2 minutes over the meter limit. My car is probably only worth $500. Should I just blow it off, let them take it, and start over with a new car or scooter?

When SFMTA Suddenly Takes Away Parking Spots

When Muni Suddenly Takes Away Parking Spots

Dear Parking Guru,
I just received a ticket on Howard between Steuart and The Embarcadero on the South side of the street (the ballpark side). It was for 7.2.25 Red Zone and the fine is $98. There used to be meters here and they suddenly took them away. I was just assuming that they were changing the meters to the new, hungrier meters and that I happened to catch a free day. Much to my chagrin, that was not the case. I cannot figure out why it was for a red zone.  How do I contest this and have half a chance at winning?  Will they just say, "We're right, you're wrong, pay the money, MUNI needs a new pair of shoes"?
Keep Up the Good Work,

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