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The Spamerican Food Truck Is Coming to SF This Week

Whatever your experience of spam—those emails from your Nigerian cousin/prince or the questionable meat in a can—the SPAM brand is making a PR push to win you over forever with the first Spamerican food truck tour.

Drink Here Now: 5 Places to Sip This Week

Beretta Interior

1) Drinks with Travelers

The Rib Whip Truck Helps Fill a BBQ Void

You’re gonna need a bigger brisket.

This is what's going through my head as I peer out at the crowd swiftly forming in front of The Rib Whip, the latest sensation to hit what seems like the endlessly growing food truck scene. Parked in an empty lot on Ritch Street in SOMA,  the truck serves up Midwest-style barbecue to a city that’s clearly been deprived. By 11:15 am, there’s already 10 people in line, and they look really, really hungry.

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