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The Fox Theater

Lupe Fiasco @ the Fox Theater

Lupe Fiasco took the stage at the Fox Theater in Oakland last night with an impressive performance in support of his latest album "Lasers."

Smashing Pumpkins Deafen at the Fox Theater

Billy Corgan has for some time walked the fine line between rock god and willful artist, juggling The Smashing Pumpkins’ demands of scale with his own steadfast creative ambitions. And critics and fans both have had their phases of obsession with the alt-rock champions of the '90s, and yet Corgan and company have rarely pandered to anything but their own vision.

Ticket Giveaway: Okkervil River at Fox Theater, June 22

Okkervil River, the indie band that helped the legendary Roky Erickson make his first new music in 14 years, rolls through the Fox Theater next week on June 22, touting their ecstatic, frantic anthems of joy and forboding in a revelatory show that will shake the walls.

Photos & Review: Fleet Foxes @ The Fox Theater

Seattle’s Fleet Foxes are something of an anomaly these days, that rare laptop-less band with members who ask for less instrumental volume from the soundboard guy. Their organic approach to the song — hyper-lush vocal arrangements, dreamy and varied instrumentation, and sweeping, ambitiously evocative songs — has, incidentally, won them plaudits from an increasingly broad range of critics and fans alike. Long story short: they’re the new faces of indie folk rock, a title all but secured by their latest LP Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop) released to e-standing ovations this past week on a blog near you.
Long before the new album’s release, the band’s Cinco de Mayo date at Oakland’s Fox Theatre sold out, and Thursday night’s crowd seemed relatively unaware but appreciative of their new work.

NOISE POP 2011 Photos: Yo La Tengo @ The Fox Theater

Yo La Tengo performed at Oakland’s Fox Theatre last night, continuing their Spin The Wheel Tour. The stakes are pretty high when the theme of the first set is determined strictly by the spin of a wheel. The possibilities ranged from "The Name Game", songs containing peoples monikers, to “Sitcom Theatre”, during which band members perform a 30 minute TV sitcom script in its entirety. Last night’s spin landed on "Dump", thus the first set featured songs by bassist James McNew’s side project. Prince’s "The Beautiful Ones" was also performed during the first set, obviously in homage to his Purpleness’s Oakland shows.

Photos: Florence and the Machine @ The Fox Theater

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