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The Fox Theater

Live Show Review: The Black Keys @ The Fox Theater

There’s something to be said about a 2-man band that can squeeze themselves into nearly every movie and TV show known to man (Black Snake Moan, Gossip Girl, Dexter, Hung, Victoria’s Secret, American Express, and Sony Ericsson commercials, Eastbound and Down, Zombieland, Entourage, Grand Theft Auto IV, Big Love, One Tree Hill, I really could keep going), and yet still manage to keep relatively under the super mainstream radar.

Photos: X Japan @ The Fox Theater

Have One On Joanna Newsom At The Fox

What’s new with Joanna Newsom? A hotly anticipated show, certainly, with a full-blown band at the Fox Theater on Aug. 2. But what else has changed since I first met Joanna Newsom, back in 2003?

Back then she was playing with then-boyfriend Noah Georgeson -- the prettying keyboard-pounding support in his Strokes-y new-rock combo the Pleased.

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