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Frank Matrisciano

Trainer Frank Matrisciano Draws the NBA's Rising Stars to San Francisco

From a distance, it looks like trainer Frank Matrisciano is meeting someone for a fight after school. Under playground monkey bars deep inside the Presidio, he stands solidly in tan hiking boots, black shorts, and a couple of oversized hoodies with pockets to stuff his hands into. It’s raining, and the park is quiet, except for his client, a former Raiderette struggling to complete her sixth set of pull-ups after a marathon of burpees and plyometric jumps. “Are you telling me that that’s all you got?” asks Matrisciano. “Keep going, dear. This is easy stuff. I want to see you prove yourself wrong.” She pulls her core in and just clears the bar when Matrisciano tells her she’s done.

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