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fried chicken sandwich

And the Best Is … ? Nine Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Counting

When I innocently started my fried chicken sandwich quest last week, I had no idea that it would demand such gluttony. Who knew there were so many to be had (in San Francisco ... we're 7x7, for those of you screaming Bakesale Betty collectively)? Recommended to me from Twitter and the comments on my last blog were sandwiches from:

The Fried Chicken Sandwich: Who's Got the Best in SF?

Inspired by my Bun Mee experience last week, I'm diving into another classic: the fried chicken sandwich. It might not have the glamorous French-Vietnamese collision of the bánh mi, but it definitely has an immense amount of buzz thanks to Bakesale Betty in Oakland. 

Of course, SF now has its share of Bakesale Betty wannabes. Yesterday, I was sitting on the sidewalk in the sunshine at Little Skillet lapping up a box of their most excellent fried chicken, while 7x7's art director Nicholas was enjoying LS's fried chicken po'boy. Of course I had to have a bite. It's rich but very good.

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