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Five Fried Chicken Dishes To Fatten Up Summer

Perfect fried chicken is easy to spot. Light, crackly crust must give way to juicy, flavorful meat, and the ratio of crust to bird has got to be spot on. When it's right, the perfect fried chicken is one of the fastest tickets to pure comfort. Our five must-tries span from a hole in the wall to fancier restaurant fare—enough to get any aficionado through the summer months. 

SF Street Style: One Guy, Three Looks, Bernal Heights

SF Street Style: One Guy, Three Looks, Bernal Heights

I met photographer Abraham (Abe) Espiritu a few years back, and have always dug how he pieces modern and vintage clothing to present personal, yet on-trend looks. Last weekend, I asked him to pull together a few rain-and-shine spring looks for a little photoshoot in his hood, Bernal Heights. The end result included a fantastic mix of rain boots, black-on-black, white pants, sockless oxfords, a cool chambray, and fiery vintage prints. Check it out.

Dinner Delivered: The Best of the Bunch

If any of you are as lazy as me on as many nights of the week as I am, then this post is for you. This post is for the weekday warriors—you know, people that work. A lot. Long hours. All. Week. Long.

The question: do any decent restaurants deliver? The answer: yes. I'm not talking Amici's pizza, either (although I say this with respect, because Amici's has gotten me through many a deadline here at HQ). Newcomers to the delivery fold include:

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