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Odious Lists: A New Game for Dirty-Minded Millennials

Odious Lists, a game designed to celebrate those among us with the dirtiest minds, is the latest in a line of local Kickstarter success stories. The Scattergories-meets-Cards-Against-Humanity hybrid achieved crowdfunding fame after it was endorsed by Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter—and if Neil Patrick Harris says something is hilarious, the world knows to listen. 

The Exquisite Book Launch

Last Thursday, local artists and art lovers gathered at Rare Device in Duboce Triangle to celebrate the publication of The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game (Chronicle Books). In it—as its name implies—a hundred artists play the legendary Exquisite Corpse game, in which they each make a picture in sequence, based only on the prior artist's rendering. Kind of like a cross between Telephone and Pictionary for pros, though the game was actually invented by the Surrealists, that cheerful French lot who valued pure expression above reason, morals and even aesthetics. The resulting book shows—in satisfyingly thick, fold-out pages—the results of this collective stream of consciousness.

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